Ruining Me

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Reviews for Ruining Me

“This is definitely a story worth your time. it is well written, with well developed characters, and a full plot. Nicole Reed’s debut novel is a definite hit. I am excited to read more from her.” – D Flirty and Dirty Book Blog

WHAT THE HELL!!! Wait, let me start over…what the hell!! This book was…I…it was…I think…maybe…I DON’T KNOW!! I almost didn’t rate this book because I’ve decided that everyone needs to go through what I just went through! Everything I just went through. It’s only fair. Hate it, love it…I don’t care. Go through it!” – Tough Critic Book Review
WOW – that is what I can say! After I finished this book I was totally amazed by Nicole’s ability to pull me into the story.” – Brandee’s Book Endings

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